Wroclaw 2nd International Carp Conference#1

Wroclaw 2nd International Carp Conference

 The beautiful city of Wroclaw hosted in September 12th – 13th, 2013 the 2nd International Carp Conference, organised by the Polish Inland Fisheries Institute and Aller Aqua Polska. There were more than 150 participants from 14 European countries, especially carp farmers, representatives of the National and European Aquaculture Associations, of the governmental aquaculture departments, veterinary agencies, universities and research institutes. The topics covered by the speakers were focused on the problems of carp farming in Central and Eastern Europe like handling the predators, compensating losses, environmental services provided by carp farming, promoting carp consumption, good practices in accessing European Fisheries Fund, reducing bureaucracy in European and national legislation and a better financing of the extensive and semi-intensive carp farming in the next European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. 
After the progress acquired by the Kazimierz Dolny Resolution, approved in 2011 at the 1st International Carp Conference, in increasing the specific understanding of the carp farming at European and national legislative bodies, the participants amended and approved the Retimajor Resolution, which was drafted in September 3rd 2013, at the Pond Farmers Workshop organised by FEAP (Federation of European Aquaculture Producers) in Retimajor, Hungary.
All the documents will be available soon